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TESCO Equipments Nigeria Limited is a 100% indigenous company and a member of the New Energy Services Group. The Company provides rental services to the manufacturing, construction and oil and gas sectors for equipment comprising cranes, forklifts, bulldozers, excavators, pay loaders, self loaders and trailers (low-bed and flat-bed).

Tesco Equipments is also an emerging major player in the field of logistics and haulage services. It operates highly diversified bulk haulage and transportation unit complimented with comprehensive fleet of recently acquired vehicles to support its wide range of contracting requirements. Our personalized service and experienced, professional staff ensures our clients receive a premium service with products delivered on time using our specialized fleet of vehicles.

Whether it is carting cement (Bulk and Bagged), cargoes, fertilizer, grain or transporting for the building, construction and industrial sectors, Tesco Equipments has a haulage solution for every business need. Tesco is headquartered in Lagos and has strategic operation bases in Ogun State and Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Our business strategy revolves around customized solution built on carefully knitted medium to long-term contractual engagement well suited to the specific growth plan of our clients. For every business we enter into, the focus is on how we can impact positively on the business of our clients and their counterparties by designing solutions and creating a pool of dedicated assets that guarantees flawless service, timely delivery, reduce or eradicate vehicle failure and thereby facilitating increased gross revenue and appreciable savings in cost.


TESCO EQUIPMENTS NIGERIA LIMITED is an active player in the Nigeria's construction and oil and gas Industries in the provision of various construction and heavy duty equipments and services.

TESCO EQUIPMENTS NIGERIA LIMITED has well maintained state of the art equipments that are complemented with highly skilled operators. We also adapt quickly and efficiently to changing conditions and demands on any site where our equipments are mobilized. Through this, we are able to offer a wide range of products and services to our clients, satisfying the highest requirements in relation to;

 Provision of Trailers, Cargo trucks, flat-beds, Low-beds, Semi-trailers, Bulk Tankers and Tippers
 Provision Of Cranes ( Mobile, Telescopic, Wheeled and Fixed Cranes)
 Provision Of Forklifts (including Telescopic variants) and Self-loaders
 Provision Of Bulldozers, Excavators, Payloaders, Mixer trucks and other Civil & Construction equipments

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